Elitist jerks

“When Was Linearity?” gave me a lot to think about–and the government shutdown gave me time to think about it. Instead of applying my adept-level technical knowledge to the writing of history at the National Park Service, I am sitting at home contemplating whether my beloved internet is what is keeping me out of a job. Alan Liu’s claim that today “we currently believe that everyone, no matter how stupid, wrong, or late to the debate should have their say.” At no time in my life could I agree more with that sentiment than at a time when the internet has been used to spread myths and compound fears of the President’s ancestry, the realities of the Affordable Healthcare Act, and the ever-looser definition of “Socialism,” all appearing to result in a political impasse based in lunacy. The internet made my internship possible, but now should I blame “Web 2.0” for not being able to work on internet-based projects at my internship? Am I an elitist for asking if the uninformed masses would kindly shut the fuck up?

In any case, I am desperate to hear what Liu would suggest to be our new form of linear thought. If we can’t rely on the non-linear, and it is wrong to assume that every source of information is equally valid and should be considered in equal measure, what do we do in a world where most still seem to believe in a linear source of worth (i.e., natureal rights of man)? I’m not saying I think Liu can’t suggest anything. I’m saying it sounds like he’s advocating technocracy. That’s not something I’ve been a fan of before. But after reading Liu, and if it meant I could go back to working at my internship instead of sitting around doing nothing because the mothers’ basement-dwelling sons of Klansmen are afraid of having health insurance, sign me up. Ted Cruz shouldn’t be trusted to govern an ant farm.


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